// Centreless burnishing machines

The burnishing machines we develop provide a cost-effective technology to achieve high surface quality. Excellent sliding, sealing and frictional properties are obtained at a relatively low burnishing force. Saving on high-precision cutting and grinding/polishing operations leads to a considerable reduction in manufacturing times and costs.

The FAD 7487 burnishing machine with its burnishing range of 1.6 to 15 mm is eminently suitable for automated production lines.

The compact and sturdy Type 7489 burnishing machine can handle a burnishing diameter from 3 to 60 mm. The standard design is especially well suited to a semi-automatic mode of operation.

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Customers from different sectors make use of our professional expertise. All over Europe, we supply companies that are active in the automotive components industry, machine-tool building, aviation industry, vehicle manufacturing, and medical engineering. Years of cooperative partnership connect us with leading machine tool manufacturers.

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