// Customised machines & automation engineering

Customised one-off items

Automation engineering and special systems ensure that manufacturing processes run automatically. We offer customised solutions even in the case of particularly complex applications and unusual task specifications.

Among other things we develop and supply special machines and automation engineering for:

  • Proof test benches
  • Assembly stations
  • Drilling stations
  • Special-purpose systems for parts machining/processing
  • Different handling and transport systems

// Manufacturing jigs and fixtures & Component manufacturing

Strategies for trouble-free workflows

We design and construct hydraulic or mechanical clamping devices and positioning systems that are exactly tailored to the processing machine / machining equipment.

Hydraulic clamping devices for advanced high-speed machining centres, multiple-spindle machines and five-axis machines

  • As required, for multiple clamping positions or multi-piece clamping in one position
  • Short clamping times
  • Optimised tool clearance space
  • Good chip discharge
  • Workpiece presence check

Positioning systems for robotic and manual loading plus multi-unit positioning

  • Correctly oriented clamping in hydraulic clamping devices
  • High positioning and repeat accuracy
  • Workpiece presence check

Component manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to manufacture and completely assemble individual parts, small batches and component assemblies. 

If you are interested, please contact us to request our current list of machines.

// Service & Quality

Serving our customers

We attach great importance to individual support and extensive service. This starts with consulting and development and is far from stopping at the installation and commissioning of the product, as our after-sales service will assist you reliably in word and deed.

If problems ever appear or if there is reason for complaint, we will take quick remedial action. Clarification will take place directly and without detours, whether you need technical advice, spare parts or a repair. Even after years, we will make modifications to the systems upon request.

Certified quality management

We guarantee top quality and absolute precision. All our departments are oriented towards this and play a part in achieving it.

  • Quality inspections throughout the manufacturing process
  • Use of extensive measuring and testing techniques
  • Detailed documentation pursuant to the EU Machinery Directive

Our ISO certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is indicative of our consistently high standards. 

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